Swatch and Review: Jindie Nails My Old Piano

Hello again, lacqueristas! ^.^ I have so many amazing indie polishes to review, but I’m going to kick it off with my favourite indie brand, Jindie Nails. I’m actually one of the admins of this brand’s Facebook fan group, Jindie Junkies, and I have more than a handful of Jen’s beautiful creations at this point. I’ve never been disappointed with the originality, formulation, quality, or delivery at Jindie Nails, even though the company is a one-woman operation. Today, I’m going to share one of her latest crelly creations with you, a fantastic addition to her signature polish type called My Old Piano.


Forgive the images, dear readers: my nails have had a battering and my good camera needs a new set of batteries, so you’ll have to make do with my rehabbing nails and phone shots. I decided to reduce my characteristic wordiness by slightly modifying my review format. Instead of writing a freeform review, I’ll instead stick to clear headings from now on so I don’t get so longwinded. You should be able to hone in on the information that you care most about more quickly now!


Application Method

The swatches contained in this review show  three thin coats My Old Piano applied over my usual base coat, with a generous layer of quick-dry topcoat on top. The polish has a crelly texture, and as such opacity is achieved by layering at least two layers of this beauty. I did not fish for glitter or modify my application technique to specifically place pieces, so this is the straight-from-the-bottle look.


Polish Composition

My Old Piano is an off-white, almost dove grey shimmery crelly that is absolutely brimming with a myriad of fun glitters. The glitters are various shapes, colours and sizes, and the polish gets its name from the Diana Ross song. I adore the colourful notes that speak of unbridled creativity mixed with the familiar bars of black and white that are in the glitter mixture. Colours include red, cyan blue, yellow, bright pink, royal blue, and apple green. Glitters include hexes, circles, bars, stars, diamonds, and triangles.

bottle closeup


I was really delighted with this gorgeous creation, and it was a real eye-catcher in the unexpected heat wave we’ve just had here in Northern Ireland. The glitters are bright, eyecatching colours that certainly make a statement, especially when seen in contrast to that soft white-grey base. The polish went on very smoothly, but I did get a little pooling on my cuticles. I expect the unexpectedly warm weather had something to do with it… I’m not used to how polish reacts in heat! The glitters lay nicely without any effort, and I didn’t need to use a gel-like glitter topper to smooth this out.

Jen pours her heart and soul into every bottle, and My Old Piano is no exception. This crazy gorgeous and absolutely undupable crelly concoction is a must-have in my collection, and I can see me wearing this to casual meetings, conventions and other places where I want to appear professional yet individual. I think this polish best suits spring as I can see the bright colours and foggy base speaking of springtime weather and freshly sprung blooms, but feel free to rock it as you like.

clawed bottle

Where to Buy

You can buy Jindie Nails via the following websites:

Jindie Nails Website

Jindie Nails on Etsy

Jindie Nails on Ninja Polish

Jindie Nails on Llarowe

And you can follow the brand at the following online haunts:

Jindie Nails on Facebook

Jindie Nails Blog

Jindie Nails on Twitter

Jindie Nails on Pinterest

Jindie Junkies Fan Page


This polish was selected and purchased by me and was bought for my personal use.  It was not provided for the purposes of gaining a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own true thoughts. For full disclosure, I am an admin of the featured brand’s Facebook fan group.


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