Swatch and Review: Lucky 13 Lacquer Softening the Bad Things

I’ve already shared with you the dreamy gorgeousness that is Dixon Hill: as promised then, here’s a little review of the second beauty I received from Lucky 13 Lacquer, Softening the Bad Things. I gave my Facebook page followers a sneaky peek of these two beauties so I’m delighted to finally get the full scoop in your hands. Be ready for plenty of feels as I discuss the reasoning behind this beauty, and prepare yourself for picture overload: this is one photogenic little polish!


SOFTENING THE BAD THINGS is a very special creation that was developed by Jess for those who need a little extra glimmer at times. This gorgeous polish was created to both show solidarity with those who are mentally ill and to raise money for a suitable charity. $1 per bottle was donated to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), to increase awareness of mental illness. Jess has written a very brave and candid explanation of her reasoning behind StBT that you can find here

Everyone goes through bad patches, and mental illness has touched the lives of everyone, whether you are a survivor yourself or someone you love battles with the dark. I know so many people who have endured the stigma of mental illness so I was only too happy to support Jess in her charitable efforts in solidarity with their struggle. They know who they are and only they know their story: I wear this for you and I love you!


This gorgeous creation is based on a wonderfully touching Doctor Who episode called Vincent and the Doctor in which the 11th Doctor says:

Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant.

The polish is inspired by the beautiful sunflower artwork of Vincent Van Gough, the episode’s namesake guest character. The colour inspiration is reminiscent of cool skies and gorgeous sunshine, and the polish doesn’t disappoint! A piece of art in itself, StBT features a gorgeous blue-green seafoamy base that’s full to the brim with gorgeously golden hexes and fine brown microshimmer. The polish is delightfully whimsical and delicate and the glitters are amazing in person. My swatches show 2 coats covered in a generous layer of quick-dry topcoat, all over my usual basecoat. This was opaque in 2 coats, but it kept that delicate, feminine finish associated with crellies.


This applies like a dream despite some serious glitter overload! I applied each layer without having to deliberately pick out or place any glitter.  I didn’t use the dabbing technique at all! I usually expect to face at least a degree of deliberate glitter placement, but this smooths on very nicely to create a naturally attractive glitter array. The base is perfectly pigmented and has a great consistency: I had no issues with clumping, pooling or cuticle flooding. The glitter sat in the base very well so I was left with a silky smooth finish without a glittery headache.


As I said when I shared Dixon Hill with you, I had planned  completing my usual durability test by rocking this beauty for a week, but I ruined my mani by doing some unusual heavy cleaning on day four. There were absolutely no chips, dents, or other damage to my nails before then, though, so I am happy enough to call in StBT as a go-to pretty for any minibreaks or getaways you have planned where you can’t have access to your stash.


I adore this polish more than words can even say: from its touchingly inspirational roots right to its dreamily perfect finish, I’m simply in love. Unfortunately, this particular polish is a very limited edition creation so you won’t easily get your hands on it. I do believe that  Jess is planning on rerunning this polish in the future, though, so here’s hoping! I was lucky enough to get bottle number one in the second run of the polish. The labels are in a font based on Van Gough’s handwriting – how bloody brilliant is that?!

These polishes winged their way to my little rock with lightning speed – the polishing faeries really were smiling down on me! Jess is simply wonderful to communicate with: I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her brand to you. My polishes were lovingly boxed up and arrived safely as expected. I certainly feel like every sale means the world to her and had a lovely time placing my order at Lucky 13 Lacquer.


This polish screams sunshine to me, and I reckon it is best worn in spring and summer. Basically, if your sunflower plant is thriving, it’s the perfect time to rock this beauty! Having said that, the point of this creation is to wrap you up in something safe, calming and beautiful until the grey cloud is quelled, so perhaps such a sunny polish is at its best when the weather is foul and you need to create your own brightness in the world?  I think this would be equally gorgeous with your best holiday frock or with a casual, comforting jumper during a much-needed evening in. Whatever makes you happy will work for this little number!


You can buy Lucky 13 Lacquer via the following websites:

L13L Website

L13L on Mei Mei’s Signatures

And you can follow the brand and Jess at the following places:

L13L on Facebook

L13L Blog

I hope you liked the review. If you were as touched by this creation as I was, please let the lovely Jess know!

DISCLAIMER:  These polishes were selected and purchased by me and were bought for my personal use.  These were not provided for the purposes of gaining a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own true thoughts.


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