Swatch and Review: Lucky 13 Lacquer Dixon Hill

I am absolutely delighted to make you aware of two incredibly special creations by Lucky 13 Lacquer. The indie brand has gone from strength to strength in recent months, and one look at these beauties makes it very evident why! Besides, any company that has a D20 for a logo is perfection in my book! ^.^ I shared a sneak peek with my lovely Facebook page followers because I simply couldn’t keep the gorgeousness to myself. This post will look at Dixon Hill, Private Investigatorpart of the brands’ Star Trek: The Next Generation holographic collection. You lot already know where my geek allegiances lie, so you can imagine my glee at receiving this beauty! This is a nude/khaki holo creation that perfectly embodies everything trenchy and P.I. in one little bottle! For those of you who perhaps don’t enjoy Star Trek: TNG as much as I do, you can catch up on the super-cute reference on Wikipedia.


DIXON HILL, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR is a beautiful nude holo that will instantly make your nails both business-sensible and party-ready.  It features a fine linear holographic pigment. I’m not sure is L13L uses Spectraflair or another holographic alternative, but her gorgeous holos don’t have the tell-tale “silvered” finish of heavy Spectraflair use anyway! This is right about the time when I mourn the fact that I don’t own a camera: my mobile makes a mockery of just how divine this polish is. In person, the holographic effect is vibrant and strongly linear, but is definitely fine enough for office wear. For the swatches below, I uses three coats of Dixon Hill over my usual basecoat with a thin layer of quick-dry topcoat. It was opaque in two coats, but I always air on the side of caution with floaty, gorgeous neutrals because I take my photographs in front of a strong backlight (A.K.A. my living room window).


This polish applies effortlessly. These are my first purchases from L13L and I am really impressed with the bottle, brush and cap quality. I adore the smooth base – it wasn’t too thin or thick, and it self-levels beautifully. It really didn’t need topcoat to be shiny and finished-looking but I applied it anyway for longevity and additional bump protection. It really does look like angels have touched your nails with the beautiful rainbow reflections of the holo goodness in such a neutral base. The base colour is perfect at both conveying the theme and complementing my skin tone. If I could, I would order the base colour by the bucket-load without the holographic pigment added to work as undies for my everything!


I did plan on testing out how durable this was through my usual seven-day wear period, but on day four I had my hands in all sorts of chemicals as I cleaned down the patio while we had a rare bit of Irish sunshine and I poured acetone over my hands accidentally while cleaning down my polishing area. I absolutely ruined my nail polish in the process but I had no chips, dents, or other damage to report by then. Neutrals tend to be very forgiving anyway so I would go ahead and plop this on under a good topcoat if you need a heavy-duty look for a trip away from your polish stash.


In case it isn’t already painfully obvious, I simply adore my first-ever L13 beauty. The brand greatly appeals to my particular fondness for all things greatly geeky and the premium products really do speak for themselves. I only wish I had a better camera to drive home just how spectacular this polish really is. I snapped some shots in indoor lighting in as well as by usual by-the-window photos in an attempt to capture the holo greatness for all to see, but alas my little phone has failed me. 😦 I also wanted to note that shipping was super-fast and my polishes got here very safely. I feel like Jess really valued my custom and I very much appreciate that level of care and attention.


As I mentioned already, Dixon Hill is a very versatile little number, not unlike the wonder gumshoe ensemble it’s inspired by! I can easily see me rocking this wee gem all year round for both professional functions and special events. Some Parisian motifs stamped over the top in sleek-yet-chic noir would make for a very interesting but somehow classic look, don’t you think? However you choose to wear them, some of Jess’ beautiful concoctions simply MUST make it into your hoards! It’s a requirement and resistance is futile!


You can buy Lucky 13 Lacquer via the following websites:

L13L Website

L13L on Mei Mei’s Signatures

And you can follow the brand and Jess at the following places:

L13L on Facebook

L13L Blog

I hope you liked the review, and that you’ll check out my upcoming review of limited edition beauty Softening the Bad Things!

DISCLAIMER:  These polishes were selected and purchased by me and were bought for my personal use.  These were not provided for the purposes of gaining a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own true thoughts.


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