Monthly Mani Project – February

OK, so I am officially sold on completing these monthly challenge manis.  This probably my favourite mani I’ve ever created! This look was created for the wonderful monthly palette project ran by a private nail group I am part of on Facebook. The colour inspiration picture simply stunning(ly purple) and these hues were right up my alley. Firstly, here’s the palette and its beautiful muse:


Gorgeous, right? In case you missed the palette challenge rules last month, let me ive you a refresher: my mani had to use at least two colours of a similar hue as the tones shown above, and it could also include black or white if I was stuck on finding these colours. I also had to create a MSMD mani, which stands for Monkey See, Monkey Do, so I needed to find some gorgeous inspiration. One of the darlings in the nail group had recently shared a fantastic acrylic mani by the legendary Nail Boss Phuong Luu. I’m too shy to ask this amazing technician for permission to share the mani I drooled over, so please check out the image on his Facebook page and give him a like!

I used about a kilo of bloody sticky tape, almost all of my patience, an extra pair of hands to place the tape correctly, A-England Lady of the Lake, Dollish Polish Peter Cottontail and piCture pOlish Wisteria to recreate the beautiful symmetry of the inspiration manicure.  I also added some iridescent hex glitters on the thumbs to add a little coherency and to pull the thumb together with the iridescent pieces in Peter Cottontail. I wanted to recreate the gorgeous professionalism of the original mani, but I don’t own gels or acrylics, so my cheap yet polished alternative was 3 generous helpings of quick-dry topcoat over the final look.


I simply adore the end product! It feels luxurious without being too much. What do you think? Would you wear this look, and if so, what polishes would you use to recreate it? For more maninspiration, follow the public wing of World of Nailcraft, the wonderful Facebook group I mentioned. If you feel inspired by the palette or our challenge manis, share your creation in the comments. After all, February is the time for a little Monkey See, Monkey Do!


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