Monthly Mani Project – January

Hey, everyone! This is a cute little mani inspired by a wonderful monthly palette project on a secret Facebook nail group I am part of. The colour inspiration picture is beautiful, and using such vibrant colours together really pushed me out of my usual comfort zone. First off, here’s the inspiration source:


My mani had to use at least two colours of a similar hue as the tones shown above, and it could also include black or white if I was stuck on finding these colours. I chose to use several of the tones, since this month’s palette-inspired look had to feature gradients. I used two of Maybelline’s denim-look polishes to create a very subtle blue gradient, and I also chose to clash a terracotta tone by e.l.f. with the beautiful A-England Galahad. I teamed my three gradient nails with a gorgeous Lord of the Rings-inspired creation by NerdLacquer called TDBSLICHSHITD, which seemed like a perfect way to get some nature-inspired greens into the mani. Not content with all that, I decided to fade some teal and blue glitter polish by Salon Perfect on top of the clashing gradient for added glitz. Here’s a shot with outdoor lighting:


What do you think? I was pretty pleased with the overall look, but I decided I needed some more neutral indoor shots to really show off those gradients a little better:


I think this mani has really helped me to appreciate more interesting colour clashes, so perhaps I’ll be a little more adventurous in future! You can follow the public wing of World of Nailcraft, the wonderful nail group I mentioned, to see more manis from much more talented people than I! Feel free to try out this colour palette yourself and link your creation in the comments – I’d love to see it!


6 thoughts on “Monthly Mani Project – January

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment! I’m really glad you liked these! ^.^

      I’d be happy for you to publish some of my work on your blog, so long as you don’t edit my photographs (particularly around the watermarks) and you link back to both the original post and my Facebook page,

    1. Aww, awesome! I’d be so thrilled if this gave you a bit of inspiration! January had to contain a gradient, so get the old thinking cap on! šŸ˜€ I’m going to work on February’s this weekend I reckon, so there’ll be another palette and required technique to test yourself with!

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