Update on my Nail Polish Storage: Nail Cupboard

Hey, everyone! I thought I should (formally) share my nail polish storage with you lovely folks. I shared the images on my Facebook page when the storage space was created but I didn’t get around to covering my wee cupboard here. My lovely fiancé decorated the space as a birthday present for me. BEST. PRESENT. EVER! I never had a space I could call my own before this and I was quickly outgrowing my old storage solution, so I was super excited to move in.

The desk and mirror are both from a cheap knick-knack chain called here called B&M, the shelving was built-in “wardrobe-style” units that used to sit along the cupboard’s back wall, and most of the other finishing touches are from IKEA.

The vague polish organisation is main brands and indies out on the shelves, laid out in alphabetical order by both brand and polish name, with all the random waifs and strays that don’t fit visually stored away in a drawer to keep the shelving looking neat. My accessories and treatments are also in the drawers for a cleaner look. My polish collection has grown since these photos were taken so the shelving is a little fuller, but you can see how those deep shelves give me an amazing amount of expansion space! I don’t think it’ll ever fill!

The gallery below shows you the cupboard refit in progress for those of you who enjoy DIY projects:

Enjoy the picture galleries, and if anything intrigues you about my storage or collection let me know!


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