Tutorial Test: Owl Nails

Owl prints have been everywhere since A/W2012, when they were predicted to be one of those cute flash-in-the pan trends.  Well, look anywhere on the highstreet and you’ll see that owls haven’t gone anywhere just yet!  I am personally absolutely gaga over anything owl, so you can imagine how happy this makes me!  😀 Advertisements

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Old Mani: Hobbit Nail Art

If you haven’t noticed already, I may be just a little bit of a geek (and when I say little, I really mean a great big stinkin’!)  I adore my rather cartoonish rendition of The Hobbit scenes and characters on my nails!  The bubbles from having such thick paint on my nails all drying at […]

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Old Mani: Blingin’ Silver

I loved how soft yet party-worthy this festive silver mani turned out.  This was another look I did for the 30-day challenge I had planned on completing over the holiday season, but didn’t have time to do.  OPI’s Pirouette My Whistle makes almost any polish look dainty, even blingy silvers and neon splashes!

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Old Mani: Snowflake Nails

I wasn’t too impressed with my efforts here, but I decided to try something different and to cut the end of a straw to a point to make a pen for doing some nail art.  The straw was much too flexible, though, and it gave me some disappointingly blotchy lines.  Still, a lesson was learned, […]

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Old Mani: A Very Christmas Mani

Ok, so I know it’s nearly summer, but I was digging through my photos of old manis and just has to share this Christmas look!  I had intended to do a 30-day challenge over December, completing a different festive look each day, but running a successful Kickstarter campaign takes work and I ran out of […]

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