Old Mani: Stamping Fishnets!

This is a photo I dug up from way last year… how time flies!  This was my first dabbling into the world of stamping, and I can’t say I found it easy.  I really struggled with my technique, and that didn’t improve until my nail polish bestie sent me some Konad goodies for my birthday.  I don’t know what it was, but I found that the stamper worked so much better than my unbranded one I’d bought from Ebay.  It picked up the entire pattern with ease, and the surface rolled smoothly over my nail.  If you’re a nail novice, fair reader, and fancy trying your hand at stamping, wait until you can foot the bill for a Konad kit, or prepare for major frustration!  ^.^

I adore how the holographic polishes really “pop” under the sleek black.  This is still one of my favourite gradients I’ve ever done, and this look really taught me to embrace stamping for quick “fancy” looks like this.

Jade and A England goodness under some lacy stamping and a black dotty French tip!

Polishes used:  A-England Tristam and Lady of the Lake, Depend Laurel Green, Konad black stamping polish, used on Konad plate M57.


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