Swatch: Daring Digits More Dots!

My love of gaming led to a not-so-little obsession with all things World of Warcraft right up until Mists of Pandaria, so you can imagine how excited I was to get my hands on this beautiful WoW-inspired polish by Daring Digits!  I also got Mage (I played the most rocking little Arcane Mage in the world!), which I’ll work on swatching ASAP.  This is More Dots! on its own, but if you’d like to see how one coat looks on top of a black base, let me know and I’ll knock up a comparison post.

MORE DOTS! is a black crelly base that’s loaded with a myriad of medium dot glitters in bright metallic tones.  You will find pink, gold, green, blue, salmon and red in there. The picture below shows 3 coats, and I did not need to use a special technique to apply the glitter evenly.   It applied well, and I saw no tacoing or curling at all.  The only minor point to note is that the formula is a little thin, and if you’re not expecting that it can be a little hard to control.  This presents no problem with just a little awareness, though.  The glitters show through the crelly base well, and the polish builds up a great depth with multiple coats.  It dried well without the use of drying agents and had a gorgeous gloss without topcoat.  The finish was smooth with no peeking glitters.  I’ll note for those who get headaches from lacquer smells that this polish is a smelly one, so you should use it in a well-ventilated area if you’re sensitive to the scent.

729709_10200351999392907_1926424624_o (1)

I adore everything about this beauty on the nail, and the inspiration certainly makes me smile!  Now to get my geek on: D.O.T. in gaming terms means “damage over time”, and is an attack made that causes more damage over the next few seconds.  These kind of attacks are pretty useful when you need to damage something quickly, but can also damage an enemy too quickly if you don’t stop using them quickly enough.  Sometimes gaming can be pretty pressurised, and the inspiration behind this polish is a very heated (and hilarious) video where a group’s leader takes the yelling one step beyond normal!  I have spent years doubled in two laughing at the below video, and I’m so glad that I now have a polish that keeps the smile on my face.

If you’re a fan of this polish, you can find Daring Digits at the following links:

Daring Digits Website

Daring Digits on Facebook

To read the creator’s words on this little gem, check out Daring Digits’ blog post about More Dots! and leave her a comment!


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